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Our garage doors

GCC offers a wide range of residential garage door products with innovative and upscale access solutions from Europe's leading providers of garage doors. This collection available through GCC offers products such as sectional garage doors, side sliding garage doors contemporary roller doors, Hamptons style garage doors, custom garage door solutions and more.


Additional features of the GCC Collection of residential garage doors include Break-in resistance, Thermal Insulation, High quality door automation and Optimum long-term protection, as well as detailed surface finishes, protective colour options and a range of additional locks, handles and window selections available.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are used both in the residential sector to close garages or storage spaces, and in the industrial sector to access halls and warehouses.
The need for sectional garage doors was mainly determined by the lack of space necessary for their operation; so that now the running track for closing/opening is fixed to the ceiling of the garage so that its handling does not require additional space or additional constructions. The advantages of sectional garage doors are given both by their generous lifespan, by their role in the thermal and acoustic insulation of garages, but above all by the security aspect.

Roll Up Doors

Durability is not the only reason to consider a roll up door. Roll up doors, when in the open position, take up much less space than any of the other types of garage doors. Other doors typically cover the entire space parallel to, and a few feet below the ceiling. This presents two problems: first; the space above the raised door and below the ceiling won’t be available for easy storage, and second; lighting options are limited since any lighting installed above the location where the door is positioned when open, will no longer be useful. 


Our expertise can determine with you the priorities for the design of your project, show you the approach to follow, go through all the steps and thus bring it to a successful conclusion.

Questions about our volets  products?

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