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Smart electric roller shutters


Versatile window shutters for homes and businesses

Installing electric roller shutters is the first step to making life at home more comfortable and convenient. They contribute to the insulation of your home, make burglary attempts difficult, are ideal for sun protection and for complete blackout of your bedroom. By adding a touch of connectivity, free yourself from daily routines and focus on what you love.


High-quality roller shutters - safe, durable and low-maintenance

Electric roller shutters  enhance your living comfort and give you a secure feeling in everyday life. They have an integrated electrically driven motor, so that you no longer have to open and close your roller shutters manually. In addition, electric roller shutters can be adapted to your individual needs and surroundings, thanks to a wide variety of design options and equipment.


Maximum flexibility

Roller shutters with electric motors can be flexibly adapted to your requirements and individual installation situations – with a wide range of roller shutter boxes, modes of operation, additional equipment and design options.

Whether you are doing renovations or building a new house, the comprehensive RAL colour palette and the range of surface options allows heroal aluminium and stainless steel shutters to match with any façade. They are available in individual sizes for different opening widths and offer small winding diameters. This ensures convenient installation and an attractive appearanc


Energy efficiency Real "energy savers"

GCC roller shutters are real energy savers: in winter, the minimise energy losses. In summer, they prevent the rooms from heating up. This way, you can enjoy constant temperatures inside and at the same time save cost for heating and air conditioning.

In winter, roller shutters contribute to thermal insulation; in summer, they provide cool rooms and a pleasant indoor climate. In combination with GCC windows, the heat loss at night can be reduced by up to 44%. Since aluminium and stainless steel shutters are exceptionally durable, they meet all the criteria for sustainable and energy-efficient construction.


More comfort and safety for your everyday life

Roller shutters have to meet the highest standards. They should shield you from wind, weather and noise, provide privacy, protect against burglars and be smart home compatible. They can also help you to save energy. Whether you are interested in aluminium roller shutters for a new building or for retrofitting, we'll show you what you should consider when you make your selection.


Motorised built-in shutters

Modern electric roller shutters offer a wide range of control options that allow you to both regulate the indoor climate and to make it look like you are at home when you are not. You can conveniently open or close your heroal built-in roller shutters with a button, app or sensor. Motorised roller shutters can be easily integrated into any standard Smart Home system. This makes it easy for you to control your shutters when you are away from home. With a sun sensor, the shutters close at twilight or when direct sunlight starts heating up the room in the summer months.

We would be happy to give you information about the wide range of control options for motorised built-in roller shutters. 

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