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Sails awnings

What is an automatic sail awning?

The automatic vela canopy is an aesthetic shading system that can be integrated into residential or commercial projects. Thanks to the harmonious shapes, the system brings a touch of elegance to the outdoor spaces, and the fine electric actuation completes it.

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About the automatic sail canopy


If you really want to stand out with a special shading system, then the Kheope automatic sail awning is the product we recommend. It is perhaps the most complex shading system that we distribute in and therefore requires a great deal of attention to detail. The pretensioning system integrated in the stainless steel posts is carefully thought out by our specialists and customized for each individual project.


Due to its complexity, it is not recommended in all spaces, but only where the wind is not very strong and the client only wants a shadow area.


Although the material can be waterproof, during the rain the water can flow past the sail and wet certain areas below. When the wind blows, the awning will retract automatically thanks to the Somfy wind sensor, which comes as a standard accessory.


The advantages of the shading system with automatic sail awnings

  • Perfect integration with multiple architectural styles

  • Automatic sail retraction or adjustment system

  • Made of steel structure and materials specific to the nautical industry for strength and durability

  • Integrated electric drive, together with a sensor that automatically closes the sail in case of strong wind High adaptability, can be customized for multiple types of spaces CE certified wind resistance for class I (maximum 30 km/h)


Our expertise can determine with you the priorities for the design of your project, show you the approach to follow, go through all the stages and thus bring it to a successful conclusion.

Questions about veranda , pergola or sails awings?

Do not hesitate to contact us !

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