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Create your own comfortable living space

Ne soyez pas étonné si votre véranda devient votre pièce favorite de la maison ! 

Décider de construire une véranda est plus que d'ajouter une structure à votre maison, c'est un engagement à son style de vie. Un style qui inclut le soleil, la santé et la nature dans votre vie. Fini les sous-sols humides ou les pièces familiales à l'étroit. Profitez de la sensation d'aire ouverte et de la vue panoramique que vous procure votre véranda. 

Create a new outdoor experience. With a veranda you can enjoy your garden all year round. 

Being outside makes you feel healthier and happier. During the summer time you can enjoy the sun in your garden without the heat getting under your veranda. On a cold winter day you will be able to enjoy the rays of sunshine, with the warmth from your own home.


Hosting social events is often a great challenge. The addition of the veranda provides all essential outdoor space under cover for those inclement days. Ideal as a shelter from those scorching days (we hope!) or as protection for those breezy days, the veranda space can be used for dining requirements, for lounging requirements, or a place for the kids to play.

CB-Fairford-Antiguan-External-Roller-Blind-2-600x400 - Copie.webp

In terms of real estate, an exterior addition to a property most often makes the difference in prices. A veranda can boost the value of a house. It not only improves the aesthetics of a house but it can also double up as an additional room.


An additional room is always a bonus for any family home. This added space can be used to put your feet up or even as a children's play area. This added space will serve as a great place to dine with the family and spend time with each other, just as your garden is in the summertime. You can also use the additional space for storage, where you can have peace of mind knowing your items are safe from the rain.

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Living with family is a wonderful experience, you get to watch your kids play around and also as they grow older. But sometimes you need a getaway place to reflect and do your work. A veranda provides the getaway space that you need! The additional space is ideal for enjoying a quiet time without the pressures of other family members.


Ever noticed the difference between homes with verandas and those without? A house with a veranda looks complete and pleasing to look at. A veranda adds charm and a feeling of completeness to a house. Though verandas come in different styles, the end result is the same… the aesthetics are enhanced!

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