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What are pergolas?

The pergola is a light construction, a frame structure for the terrace or garden that can be made of wood or metal (aluminum is most often used). By retractable pergolas we mean those structures that can be closed or opened to protect from the effects of the weather: strong sun, rain, wind or even snow.


Types of pergolas

Depending on the model and their complexity, the pergolas can only have a retractable roof or the side parts - the walls. There are several criteria for classifying pergolas, according to their role, according to the material from which they are made, according to the constructive structure. Regarding the material from which they are made, we distinguish:

  • decorative wooden pergolas

  • wrought iron pergolas

  • aluminum pergolas


Depending on the constructive structure, pergolas are:


  • pergolas in frames, whose structure rests on pillars fixed in the ground; they can be single frames, double frames.

  • suspended pergolas, without poles, supported by cables (ties).

  • free pergolas, without a roof.

  • pergolas with retractable roof made of adjustable slats, canvas with folds. or tensioned canvas.

  • pergolas with anti-wind walls, with sliding glass doors.

  • bioclimatic pergolas.

Aluminum bioclimatic pergolas

pergola bioclimatique
pergola bioclimatique
pergola bioclimatique

Reasons to choose aluminum bioclimatic pergolas

  • The free-standing pergola, which does not require supports or supports, can be mounted in the garden

  • There is also the possibility of mounting it without pillars, on the facade of the building, to cover the terrace - model T

  • It has a folding roof made of aluminum slats

  • The contour is equipped with a gutter that allows the water to drain and the blade to rotate

  • The slats rotation system is set in motion by electric motors

  • Wind resistance up to class 6 according to UNI EN 13561

  • Supports loading from snow accumulation of up to 80 kg/m2

  • It can cover an area of 32 square meters, i.e. a maximum length of 8.15 m and a maximum width of 4.00 m

  • The aluminum structure allows rainwater to drain through the inside of the pillars, without visible downspouts

  • 5 years warranty


How can you make the most of small bioclimatic pergolas?

  • You can close the side walls with sliding glass or transparent film systems for closing terraces and you will be able to use the space until late autumn

  • Built-in lighting system with LEDs that can be adjusted in intensity and color from the remote control

  • You can integrate an audio system in the aluminum slats

  • Electric actuation of the pergola with SOMFY motors with IoT technology - use an application installed on the phone or classic, via multichannel remote control (8 motors simultaneously)

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